Clan Skates

Clan Skates

Jamie Blair and Davie Philip first opened the doors of Clan Skates back in 1988. As a kid, this Aladdin’s cave was always a feast for the senses. One minute, you were on the streets of Patrick, Glasgow, the next second you were teleported to a microcosm of the USA. The minute you opened the door you were hit by the smell of coffee, neoprene wetsuits, surf and snowboard wax. There was always music being blasted out from the cassette player or a portable VHS TV jammed in the top corner. This was where we normally came into contact with the music scene across the Atlantic.

Skate shops have been a massive influence on graphic designers all over the world. Clan had its own look that fused traditional celtic designs with street fashion. Scottish wool and muted colours featured heavily in the designs and were even worn by MCA from the Beastie Boys. Some of my first live design jobs were for this shop and it’s hard to beat the satisfaction of seeing folk carrying around your designs on a board or wearing it on a piece of clothing.

Jamie is a massive inspiration for so many. He’s a great friend, as well as a demon skateboarder, snowboarder, surfer… and shop owner.

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Clan Skates



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